27-Nov-2002 Programming PHP 12-Nov-2008 Welwyn Garden City to Calais
05-Dec-2002 On route to Seville 13-Nov-2008 Calais to Aix-les-Bains
05-Dec-2002 Out of the country 14-Nov-2008 Revotel Aix-les-Bains
06-Dec-2002 Vespa - from It., lit. "wasp 15-Nov-2008 Tournament day 1
06-Dec-2002 Alcazar & Tournament 16-Nov-2008 Tournament day 2
07-Dec-2002 Day two & the Cathedral 17-Nov-2008 On a railway train to anywhere
08-Dec-2002 Bird market at Alfalfa -> Cordoba 18-Nov-2008 Arrive Tarifa
09-Dec-2002 A rainy day 19-Nov-2008 Explore
10-Dec-2002 The Botanic Garden of Cordoba 20-Nov-2008 Tarifa
11-Dec-2002 Bare Nostrum 21-Nov-2008 Food
12-Dec-2002 Return 22-Nov-2008 Sunny day
28-Dec-2002 29'th London Open Go Tournament 23-Nov-2008 Power cut
31-Dec-2002 New Year's Eve 24-Nov-2008 Move to Hostal Las Margaritas
01-Jan-2003 An inauspicious start to the year 25-Nov-2008 Hostal Las Margaritas Tarifa
05-Feb-2003 Making a linux router 26-Nov-2008 Sodden in Algeciras
21-Feb-2003 Changing IP addresses 28-Nov-2008 Playa de Los Lances and Rio Jara
27-Feb-2003 Tree Surgery & Woodland Management 29-Nov-2008 Elemental weather in Tarifa
01-Mar-2003 PHP script to do a file upload 30-Nov-2008 Tarifa traffic lights
02-Mar-2003 Trigantius Go tournament 2003 01-Dec-2008 Start Spanish class
20-Mar-2003 Attack on Baghdad 02-Dec-2008 Castillo Guzman el Bueno - and beach scenes
01-Apr-2003 The view from North London 03-Dec-2008 Voraz de Tarifa
17-Apr-2003 Victoria Coach Station 04-Dec-2008 Tree surgery in Tarifa
18-Apr-2003 Hotel Rubens 05-Dec-2008 Scenes from Tarifa
19-Apr-2003 Paris Go Tournament 2003 - day 1 06-Dec-2008 Train to Granada
20-Apr-2003 Paris Go Tournament 2003 - day 2 07-Dec-2008 Oasis backpackers hotel Granada
21-Apr-2003 Paris Go Tournament 2003 - day 3 08-Dec-2008 Granada Plazas
22-Apr-2003 TGV to Montpellier 09-Dec-2008 Visit Alhambra
23-Apr-2003 Take tram & bus to the seaside 10-Dec-2008 Sleeper to Barcelona from Granada
24-Apr-2003 Piscine Olympique 11-Dec-2008 In Barcelona HelloBCN Backpackers hostel
25-Apr-2003 Check out Bar du Dome 12-Dec-2008 Perpignan then Wagon lit to Paris
26-Apr-2003 Go to Sète 13-Dec-2008 Place Italie, Gobelins, then south Paris
27-Apr-2003 Banyuls sur mer 14-Dec-2008 Train to Lille, then Calais for the boat
28-Apr-2003 Laboratoire Arago 15-Dec-2008 Spirit lamp
29-Apr-2003 GR10 15-Jan-2009 Israeli aggression
30-Apr-2003 Port Bou 19-Jan-2009 Olmert's deep remorse
01-May-2003 Narbonne 10-Feb-2009 Blu ray laser and some simple vector calculations
02-May-2003 Nimes 19-Feb-2009 Take plane to Barcelona
03-May-2003 Nimes 2 20-Feb-2009 Barcelona beach scenes
04-May-2003 Les Tontons Zingueurs 22-Feb-2009 Barcelona tournament Feast
05-May-2003 Back to England 23-Feb-2009 Take train to Valencia
08-May-2003 Stay in Stoke Poges 24-Feb-2009 Take tube and tram to seaside
10-May-2003 Back to Stoke Poges 25-Feb-2009 Valencia University botanic garden
11-May-2003 Go to Eleanor's 26-Feb-2009 Valencia Natural History museum
12-May-2003 Newbury 27-Feb-2009 Return to Barcelona
16-May-2003 Keith visits 01-Apr-2009 Mathematics talk at Hatfield
17-May-2003 A new computer 18-Apr-2009 Lisle street
20-May-2003 Photos integrated into Journal 19-Apr-2009 International teams tournament
24-May-2003 A7N266-VM with RedHat 9 25-Apr-2009 Eat at Andalucia Tapas restaurant
03-Jun-2003 Java plugin for Linux Mozilla 21-May-2009 Amsterdam tournament (day 1)
07-Aug-2003 Varieties of Go Stones 22-May-2009 Amsterdam tournament (day 2)
27-Sep-2003 Alumni Reunion 2003 23-May-2009 Amsterdam tournament (day 3)
26-Oct-2003 Rainbow Pictures 13-Jun-2009 Chinese Shop Guanghwa
04-Nov-2003 Loquat tree in flower 27-Jun-2009 Go Training Day, followed by Book launch
31-Jan-2004 Trip to Greenwich 02-Jul-2009 Fly from Heathrow to Lisbon
16-Mar-2004 Letter to Ottawa Citizen 03-Jul-2009 First day in Lisbon
08-Apr-2004 Off to Paris again 04-Jul-2009 Lisbon Go tournament - Day One
09-Apr-2004 The morning after the night before 05-Jul-2009 Lisbon Go tournament - day 2
14-Apr-2004 Loquat fruit 06-Jul-2009 Take train from Lisbon to Lagos
15-Apr-2004 Postcards 07-Jul-2009 Lagos Seaside
01-May-2004 Install Fedora Core 2 Test 3 08-Jul-2009 Unusual bench design
02-May-2004 Bar-low 10-Jul-2009 Lagos to Lisbon
03-May-2004 Bank Holiday 11-Jul-2009 Train to Cascais
13-Aug-2004 Fungal attack on P Bambusoides 12-Jul-2009 Lisbon Botanical Gardens
29-Oct-2004 19'th Brussels Go tournament - Day 0 07-Aug-2009 Move retraction attempt incident
30-Oct-2004 19'th Brussels Go tournament - Day 1 09-Aug-2009 Arrive at Zomergo on Texel
31-Oct-2004 19'th Brussels Go tournament - Day 2 10-Aug-2009 Zomergo tournament day one
24-Mar-2005 Leave for Paris 11-Aug-2009 Zomergo tournament day 2 - Fire on the heath
25-Mar-2005 Eve of the Paris Go tournament 12-Aug-2009 Zomergo tournament day 3
26-Mar-2005 Day 1 of the Paris Go tournament 14-Aug-2009 Prize at Zomergo
27-Mar-2005 Day 2 of the Paris Go tournament 17-Aug-2009 Feeding the pigeons in Amsterdam
28-Mar-2005 Day 3 of the Paris Go tournament 21-Aug-2009 Clumper goes for a run
29-Mar-2005 Irun & San Sebastian 28-Oct-2009 Le Monde piracy how-to
30-Mar-2005 Bayonne & St Jean de Luz 30-Oct-2009 Leopold museum - Vienna
31-Mar-2005 Bordeaux 31-Oct-2009 Tournament day 1
01-Apr-2005 Paris 01-Nov-2009 Tournament day 2 and Natural History Museum
02-Apr-2005 London 19-Jan-2010 Hampstead Go club photos
09-Apr-2005 In print 02-Mar-2010 Ecobuild
25-Jul-2005 Prague musical clock 12-May-2010 Amsterdam Tournament - eve
27-Jul-2005 Prague Observatory 13-May-2010 Amsterdam Tournament - day 1
28-Jul-2005 Prague zoo 14-May-2010 Amsterdam Tournament - day 2
31-Jul-2005 Prague National Museum 15-May-2010 Amsterdam Tournament - day 3
01-Aug-2005 Prague Opera House ? 16-May-2010 Amsterdam Tournament - day 4
03-Aug-2005 Prague Botanical Gardens 02-Jul-2010 London City Go Club
06-Aug-2005 Prague - last photo 17-Aug-2010 En Route to ZomerGo
07-Dec-2005 Someone special 18-Aug-2010 Rotterdam & ZomerGo Day 1
11-Dec-2005 Tea 19-Aug-2010 Scenes from Lunteren
28-Dec-2005 London Open 22-Aug-2010 ZomerGo Night-Time
31-Dec-2005 La Bise/Bisou 23-Aug-2010 Stop off at Antwerp
12-Jan-2006 Holiday 30-Aug-2010 Antwerp Map
21-Jan-2006 RIBA 17-Sep-2010 Antwerp Station - Chinese Ethnic groups display
11-Feb-2006 Bad Boy 19-Sep-2010 Antwerp Tournament & Most famous street in Belgium
11-Mar-2006 Tensegrity Table 20-Sep-2010 Antwerp - Foot tunnel under river Schelde
16-Mar-2006 Happy Pylons 25-Sep-2010 Downing reunion
17-Mar-2006 Aerogare 2 30-Oct-2010 Seville Tournament Day 1/
18-Mar-2006 Ste Geneviève des Bois 31-Oct-2010 Seville Tournament Day 2/
19-Mar-2006 Gare du Nord 01-Nov-2010 Seville Tournament Day 3/
08-Apr-2006 New adventure 12-Nov-2010 Tapas Tour early hours in the morning/
09-Apr-2006 Terminal F 16-Nov-2010 Malaga Alcazaba visit/
10-Apr-2006 Walking 17-Nov-2010 Trip to Nerja/
11-Apr-2006 Shared Ipod 20-Nov-2010 Malaga Tournament Day One/
12-Apr-2006 Shampoo 21-Nov-2010 Malaga Tournament Day Two & Flamenco Display/
13-Apr-2006 Sacré Coeur 08-Dec-2010 Gibralfaro Castle
14-Apr-2006 Musée de Minéralogie 11-Dec-2010 Gibraltar
15-Apr-2006 The tournament's begun 14-Dec-2010 Flat battery and charger defunct
16-Apr-2006 Sunday morning 19-Dec-2010 Snow
17-Apr-2006 Heading south 29-Dec-2010 London Open
18-Apr-2006 Pau 30-Dec-2010 Smart Russell Square Hostel
19-Apr-2006 Tarbes 05-Jan-2011 St Albans club meeting
20-Apr-2006 Bagnères de Bigorre 06-Jan-2011 St Albans club meeting
21-Apr-2006 A late train to England 08-Jan-2011 London building
29-May-2006 Love sometimes hurts 11-Jan-2011 Guardian recommended Spas
04-Jun-2006 Walking my blues away 14-Jan-2011 Visit Stoke Poges
01-Jul-2006 Nispero in London 22-Jan-2011 Visit Stoke Poges
05-Jul-2006 Webserver back 31-Jan-2011 Guardian recommended Asian beach huts
13-Jul-2006 Stephen's Graduation day 05-Feb-2011 Chinese new year in London
20-Jul-2006 Eurostar to Lille Europe 09-Feb-2011 Visit Stoke Poges - Album pictures
20-Jul-2006 Kortrijk 10-Feb-2011 St Albans club meeting
21-Jul-2006 The coast 18-Feb-2011 Eve of Barcelona tournament
22-Jul-2006 Lille old town and torrential rain 19-Feb-2011 Barcelona tournament day 1
23-Jul-2006 Lille Europe station 20-Feb-2011 Barcelona tournament day 2
01-Aug-2006 Birthday 21-Feb-2011 Madrid - day 1
08-Aug-2006 Hedgehogs Kissing 22-Feb-2011 Madrid - day 2
19-Aug-2006 Update website 23-Feb-2011 Madrid - day 3
25-Aug-2006 Roeselare 24-Feb-2011 Bogota
26-Aug-2006 Hotel Roi Soleil 14-Mar-2011 Monserrat Bogotá
27-Aug-2006 A walk along the waterside 16-Mar-2011 Portal Norte Bogotá
31-Aug-2006 Retail therapy 23-Mar-2011 Botero Museum Bogotá
10-Sep-2006 A domain name at last 24-Mar-2011 Botero Museum Bogotá...
15-Sep-2006 Brussels 31-Mar-2011 Museo del Oro Bogotá
16-Sep-2006 Ghent, Gent, Gand 04-Apr-2011 Plaza Bolivar and more
17-Sep-2006 Mouscron 07-Apr-2011 Idyll with mountain girl
18-Sep-2006 A gift 10-Apr-2011 Hydroponics in action
02-Oct-2006 Raspberry seeds 13-Apr-2011 Nice restaurants in Bogotá
13-Oct-2006 Tournai 15-Apr-2011 Museo Nacional Bogotá
14-Oct-2006 Oudenaarde 16-Apr-2011 Terminal de Transportes Bogotá
15-Oct-2006 Mouscron pool 17-Apr-2011 Museo del Oro brief visit
28-Oct-2006 Banjo 19-Apr-2011 Visit Biblioteca Pública Virgilio Barco
04-Nov-2006 Again ? Again ! 20-Apr-2011 Visit coffee shops
05-Nov-2006 Tetrahedron puzzle 21-Apr-2011 Patios
27-Dec-2006 Eve of London Open Go Tournament 2006 22-Apr-2011 Pictures of selected places I
28-Dec-2006 Registration 23-Apr-2011 Pictures of selected places II
30-Dec-2006 PairGo 24-Apr-2011 Museum of Colonial Art
31-Dec-2006 Drinks in the Green Man 25-Apr-2011 Bridge metaphor
01-Jan-2007 Resolutions 26-Apr-2011 Difficult day
19-Jan-2007 Lille 27-Apr-2011 Museo Arqueológico de Bogotá
08-Feb-2007 Neige Nieve Schnee Sneeuw Snow 28-Apr-2011 El Lobo Estapario
09-Feb-2007 Snow goes 29-Apr-2011 Libros Merlín
07-Mar-2007 Korean Professional Go players visit 30-Apr-2011 Intimacy
06-Apr-2007 Tournoi de Go de Paris 2007 - day 0 01-May-2011 Where we went the day before
07-Apr-2007 Tournoi de Go de Paris 2007 - day 1 03-May-2011 News from ADN of robbbery at Hostel Alegria
08-Apr-2007 Tournoi de Go de Paris 2007 - day 2 04-May-2011 Portal Norte
09-Apr-2007 Tournoi de Go de Paris 2007 - day 3 05-May-2011 Visit Tabio
28-Apr-2007 Florence Hotel 06-May-2011 Haircut
29-Apr-2007 Greenwich and Blackheath 07-May-2011 Change Tack
30-Apr-2007 P & V 08-May-2011 Mercado de Pulgas San Alejo
18-May-2007 Mons 09-May-2011 24a Feria International del Libro Bogotá
19-May-2007 Namur 10-May-2011 Evening next door to Casa Brava on Via la Calera
20-May-2007 Chess in Lille 11-May-2011 Take bus to Villa de Leyva
25-May-2007 Indirect Inguinal Hernia 12-May-2011 Villa de Leyva day 2
15-Jun-2007 Puss in Boots 13-May-2011 Cancelled Lunch
17-Jun-2007 Lille Arab and Chinese district 14-May-2011 Film Rio
19-Jun-2007 Halo Rainbow 15-May-2011 View of Bogotá mountains from Caracol
24-Jun-2007 Balsa Honeycomb 16-May-2011 Catch bus to Paprika restaurant
27-Jun-2007 New players in St Albans Go Club 17-May-2011 Morning hike to la Virgen
06-Jul-2007 Trip to Bath 19-May-2011 Take plane to Madrid
07-Jul-2007 The little theatre 20-May-2011 Arrive Madrid
08-Jul-2007 American Museum 21-May-2011 Madrid day 2
25-Jul-2007 More pictures of St Albans Go Club players 22-May-2011 Madrid Botanical Gardens
04-Aug-2007 Cambridge 23-May-2011 Santander Bank Madrid
08-Aug-2007 googlepages.com 24-May-2011 Fly from Madrid back to Gatwick
10-Aug-2007 Kortrijk 25-May-2011 In England
11-Aug-2007 Bruges 26-May-2011 Autostereogram
12-Aug-2007 Sluis and Cadzand-Bad 27-May-2011 Friday Go club at Melton Mowbray
20-Aug-2007 French films 28-May-2011 Colombian Fruit & new laptop
22-Aug-2007 On the rocks 29-May-2011 Matured Gouda
24-Aug-2007 Give raspberry plants a home 31-May-2011 Emotions running high
01-Sep-2007 Family reunion for my mother's 80'th birthday 01-Jun-2011 St Albans Go Club
14-Sep-2007 Pictures of a D-Link "wireless" dish aerial 02-Jun-2011 Visit Cambridge
21-Sep-2007 Alumni weekend starts 03-Jun-2011 Melton Mowbray again
22-Sep-2007 Punting on the cam 04-Jun-2011 Innovation award
23-Sep-2007 Nighttime pictures with the Griffin 10-Jun-2011 London City Go club pictures
20-Nov-2007 Wartime picture of my father 15-Jun-2011 Maracuya.ppt
28-Dec-2007 London tournament again 18-Jun-2011 Visit Hampstead Marshall
29-Dec-2007 London tournament day 2 20-Jun-2011 Papa Criolla
30-Dec-2007 London tournament day 3 24-Jun-2011 Elephant & Castle
31-Dec-2007 London tournament day 4 12-Jul-2011 Lost crops of the Incas
01-Jan-2008 Skills update 15-Jul-2011 Coloured buildings in London
11-Jan-2008 Prototype plastic cutter 17-Jul-2011 Green Paper Pig
07-Feb-2008 Chinese New Year at Hertfordshire university 21-Jul-2011 Potato flowers
10-Feb-2008 Zome 22-Jul-2011 Arrive Bordeaux
10-Mar-2008 Incremental encoder and Stepper motor 01-Aug-2011 Birthday
11-Mar-2008 Stormy weather - Barometric record 02-Aug-2011 Visit Arcachon
26-Mar-2008 Tarbes 03-Aug-2011 Flèche Saint-Michel in Bordeaux
27-Mar-2008 Toulouse 04-Aug-2011 Local pool bar by the university
04-Jun-2008 Raspberries 06-Aug-2011 Last day of tournament
13-Jul-2008 Raspberry fruits 07-Aug-2011 Move into Hotel Regina
14-Aug-2008 Adventure in Mouscron 08-Aug-2011 Bordeaux Botanical gardens
15-Aug-2008 Adventure in Calais 14-Aug-2011 Pete & Jane's wedding
16-Aug-2008 Shopping in Belgium and France 27-Sep-2011 Out of the blue
17-Aug-2008 A rainy day in Calais 29-Sep-2011 Leave for Malaga
25-Aug-2008 Electricity 93p per watt year 30-Sep-2011 Another conversation
28-Aug-2008 Penultimate day at Emtex 03-Oct-2011 Spanish course starts
29-Aug-2008 Last day at Emtex 06-Nov-2011 Visit Alberto Giacometti exhibition

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