Biographical stuff

I was born in 1948, the oldest of 4 children - to my father (an electronics engineer) and my mother (whom he met in Alexandria during the war).

My scientific interests were nurtured from an early age and I became familiar with Electronics, Chemistry and Astronomy.
I received a classical education in a Catholic boarding school and was admitted to Downing College in 1967 to read Natural Sciences.
"Coming down" in 1970 without a degree, I enrolled with the Open University to study Mathematics and obtained a BA some years later.

I have worked for the majority of the time in programming roles using mostly assembler and C.
I worked at Xerox for 15 years - and in 1998 was recognised by receiving the Xerox President's award at a ceremony in New York.

Presently I spend my time travelling and studying.
I have a house in Hertfordshire and have 3 children - all now in work.
My interests include Linux, Bamboo, Electronics and Playing Go.

More Detail

School and University
Formal CV(pdf document)
Xerox President's award
US & UK Patent - front page
RSA French qualification
Java certificate
Circuit Idea published in May 2005 in Electronics World (300k)
Octubre 2011 Spanish Language certificate
March 2012 MITx 6.002x Circuits and Electronics course
March 2013 MITx 6.00x Introduction to Computer Science and programming
Octubre 2013 Spanish Language certificate
May 2014 ELEC301x: Discrete Time Signals and Systems

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mobile +44 (0) 78163 72001
Richard Mullens